miranda1AZNE: Lets first start out by introducing your self ……

MR. MIRANDA: What’s good man? It’s that crazy sexy cool MC they call Mr. Miranda

AZNE: How did u come up with your artist name and how long have you been doing music…??

MR. MIRANDA: Well, I actually used to go by Smooth and that’s what most people know me as but, I recently changed it and all I can say is go to and read my blog ” A Positive Change” for the whole explanation. I’ve been writin music since I was 12 yrs old so it’s been about 13 yrs. Oops, did I just give my age away? Hahahah!

AZNE: Where did u grow up and how did that influence your music…?

MR. MIRANDA: I grew up in East Phoenix off of 32nd St. and Roosevelt, and the way that influenced me with music was simply because of all the craziness that used to go on in the neighborhood. I mean, you had a nice variety of different types of people there. You had pimps, prostitutes, crackheads, dope dealers, and gangsters. But, you also had alot of blue collar hard working individuals as well, so it was somewhat balanced out. I never got into bangin but had plenty of friends and relatives that did. I was always into hip hop, sports, and girls haha! However, I saw alot of bad things and good as well so that definitely had a major influence on me musically because I incorporated alot of it into my rhymes.

AZNE: Have you did any shows or tours…? Tell me a bit about that experience….?

MR. MIRANDA: I’ve done hundreds of shows and have been on stage with national acts. In 2006 I went on my first tour with my friends Novelty and MG! The Visionary, both fellow hip hop artists as well and we called it The Listen Close Tour performin all over the Midwest for a good 28 days. Since then, I have done other out of state gigs but have not toured again. However, I plan on being back on the road soon so be on the lookout cause Mr. Miranda is coming to a town near you!   miranda2

AZNE: Any new stuff your working on….?

MR. MIRANDA: Yes, I am currently finishing my new mixtape with my man Speek Greene out of Connecticut. For those who don’t know him, all I have to say is he is Jaz-O’s DJ ( Jay-Z’s mentor and guy that got him into rapping ) so it’s definitely a good situation.

AZNE: Ok tell me about your new mix tape…. how long have you been working on that project for…?

MR. MIRANDA: I’ve been workin on it for the past couple months and now we are 90% done so it feels great! This mixtape is not just your average everyday let’s jump on ” A Milli” beat and freestyle type project. No disrespect towards anyone that does that but I’m just saying this mixtape is more conceptual, it’s actually more of a street album consisting of a variety of different sounds from 80’s pop to Classic Rock so you know it’s gonna be crazy!

AZNE: So did you have any one helping you out on this new album and when are we expecting it to drop ?

MR. MIRANDA: My friends Dn3 and Jimmy Nelson helped out with the engineering so it is definitely a good look. It is set to come out next month and we are callin it ” The Wonderful World of Mr. Miranda”

AZNE: SO if any one wants to get in contact with you or sample your new or old music what’s the best way to ?

MR. MIANDA: is my myspace link so you can get a hold of me right through my page. You can also purchase my first album Melodic on there as well

AZNE: Any last shot outs?

MR. MIRANDA: I’d like to shout out the folks that have really helped me musically and mentally. My man Speek Greene, DN3, Sulai aka Novelty, M.P.R.E.S.S, Madness, Random, and all my friends and family for always supporting me through tough times. Much love, and a huge shout out to CMoneyEnt for taking the time to set up this lovely interview. Peace

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