When I’m asked who i think has blown up in the hip hop scene in the past year i gotta say Sol Camp. From hearing them on various radio stations to catching them live on stage at different events, I see them reppin every where and people lovin them. I was fortunate enough to catch up with them at club Tropicana where they were holdin it down with 95.1 The Latino Vibe. Check it out…..

solcamplogoCME: Aight guys go ahead and introduce yourself…..

S.C.: $B-Stak$, Skunk one, Mav, Sal, Chino-D.

CME: How did Sol Camp come together and how long have you been together?

$B-Stak$: We were all doing our thing independently and we all knew each other through the phoenix rap scene. I had asked Mav and Skunk one to do a song with me on my album and I told them that we need to get together and get something going….so we brought in Chino D and Sal and just rolled with it. We had our first drop on the air after Three days of being together and It’s been about a year this halloween since we started.

CME: Ok, so what’s your current goals?

Skunk one: Were in the process of finishing our First official album and were trying to push that that as much as we can, trying to do as many shows out of state and ya know take over the world.

CME: Coo, Is there gonna be any collaborations on your new cd?

S.C: Collaborations with producers, yeah.. Some real heavyweight producers like Iroc we got another producer out of Chicago named Locksmith but were tryin to keep the collabs to a minimum to show what Sol Camp can do on its own. So as far as producers we have a lot that we are working with and we have some nice tricks up our sleeves.

CME: I noticed you guys are all over the place performing. Are you guys gonna start touring or just promoting the album?solcamp02

Chino D: Yeah were working on touring, we just got a hold of a booking agent and were going through with the whole process. So we are definitely looking forward to touring.

$B-Stak$: And independently we do it on our own going to different city’s like Yuma and El Paso and the response has been huge.

CME: So Arizona has been showin Sol Camp some love?

S.C: Yea, Arizona has embraced us and we feel proud to say that we are the NEW LATINO SOUND comin out of AZ.

CME: So what do you guys like to do in your spare time?

S.C: Rap, yeah….rap ya know make money, listen to music have sex once in a while hahhaha, but most of the time rap.

CME: Ok tell me something your fans do not know about Sol Camp.

S.C: You know what basically we don’t keep any secrets we just keep it real with everybody and thats
us. Anywhere you go in the valley, ask about Sol Camp there gonna say those cats are coo and down
to earth.

CME: So what kind of music did you guys listen to growing up?

$B-Stak$: Chino D. hahaha…..But one of my major influences in hip hop growing up was Wu Tang Clan.

Sal: Also traditional Mexican music.

Chino D: For me growing up I listened to Fantastic 5, Kool Moe Dee, and the Crash Krew. When you
listen to Sol Camp’s cd your gonna hear on an individual tip how diverse each member is, but how we
all put it together to make it work.

CME: Ok, a question for all the lady’s, who’s single?

S.C: Skunk one is available and so is Sal, Chino D is married.

CME: And congratulations to Mav with his newborn and $B-Stak$ with one on the way.

After hanging out with Sol Camp I’m gonna have to agree, they are hella coo to kick it with and the best way to describe there music is Hip Hop with some latin flava that bumps!

Check our website with all there upcoming shows!

frankie P.

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