I first met Villin back in the day, we would all go out every weekend to different bars and clubs and I would see him Dj here and there. Now he’s on the radio, the Internet, various events throughout the week, I have even seen him perform at Hot Import Nights! With a lot of hard work and holding his own in the industry I have seen Villin grow. Villin has paid many dews and we all respect him for that and with that he looks forward to a strong future. I caught up with Villin and asked him a couple of questions, check it out…..

topperAZNE: Could you start by telling us how you started DJing

Villin: Before I was a dj I was heavily involved in music. I started the drums at about 10yrs old and decided I would rather play a wind instrument so after a few months on the drums I picked up the trumpet and played it for about 9 yrs. I also learned to read and write sheet music as well as play the piano.When I turned 13 I decided to join a mariachi band since it was a heavy influence in my mexican culture. One day when I was about 18 my lil brother got a pair of turntables and didn’t really like them. I on the other hand was amazed because I would listen to local djs like mikey mike, AL3, dj earth and wanted to get into that field. I love entertaining crowds since I was already used to it from playing in many local mariachi concerts I decided to put down the trumpet and piano for a little while and learn the art of turntablism and djing.

AZNE: What projects do you have going on rite now?

Villin: Right now I am creating a new mixtape with my homie dj trademark. We decided to mix local artist tracks with current hip hop and reggaeton hits to show everyone that AZ has mad local talent. I am also working directly with M.C. Smooth & Mentally EssentiL. I am now Smooth’s official dj and am going to be performing in local shows with him and hopefully take it to the next level. Also I am working on extended mixes for local djs as well as remixes for any and all to hear and enjoy. Also djing on and local clubs like la perla and i think Majerle’s coming up.

AZNE: How did you start working for power 98.3?

Villin: It was something I wanted to do from day 1. Basicaly its was an open opportunity that I heard about, I had to submit a 30 min demo to the station. I really didn’t think I was gonna be chosen because there are dope dj’s in az but I was one of the few they chose to represent the station in the clubs and dj during the caliente powermix weekends as well as holidays and fill-ins.

AZNE: Explain to us about what Wu Latino is all about.

Villin: Well it started in New York, NY., RZA and Divine owners of Wu Music Group teamed up with Ray Acosta, former VP of Musica Latina and Marketing at UBO, to launch Wu Latino. With Reggaetón and Latin Hip-Hop blazing the charts both over seas and in the states, the time has come for stateside Latinos to create their own record labels to hone and house the unique sound, Ray Acosta, former VP of Latin music and marketing at UBO along with RZA (producer/member of the legendary Wu-Tang Clan) and Divine of Wu Music Group to create and launch Wu Latino which has set out to accomplish just that. Acosta who initially built a relationship with Wu-Tang Clan during the groups early years, served as their creative consultant before he co-founded Latinflava, the most successful Latino website/TV show turned label thus far. Throughout the years, he maintained a solid relationship with RZA and his brother Divine. So when he first cooked up the idea of creating an Urban Latino label, he knew the pair would make the perfect partners. The needlebreakers dj squad are members/DJs chosen to be involved because they have the sources to push the new music from wu-latino and get immediate feedback for there artists. It was very exciting to be asked to be a part of this movement.

AZNE: Name your favorite event and why?

Villin: Wow that’s a hard one hahahahah. There are so many but I would have to say ummmmm I would say its a tie between Hot import nights – Night Shift recently I rocked like 3500 to 5000 people and about 3 years agopic2 I dj’d in rocky point for 2 weekends. needless to say that was alot of fun if you know what i mean hahahahahahaa.

AZNE: What are your plans for the future?

Villin: Right now I’m taking day by day but I plan on producing beats for local artists as well as continue to push the mixtape scene in az to a new level! New ideas and styles are coming out so just be ready and stay tuned!!

AZNE: What do you like to do in your spare time?

Villin: I like to spend time with my son agustin and family. PRACTICE!! I always take time to keep my scratches smooth and doubles clean. I don’t claim myself as a battle dj but I can hold my own when the time comes.

AZNE: Shout outs

Villin: God watching over me, My son agustin, My parents, My nina who inspired me to do what i do best and never give up on what a goal is. Shout outs to my brother Mike at southwest Ambulance, Rey, Celso, Enraqui, Rudy, Trademark, Rocko, Wu-Latino, All The Needlebreakers & Recordbreakers, Rob-G, Antic,,, Mikee Mike, Knick Knack, Earth, Meeklo, Frequency,Sonny, Astonish, Big Latin, Skandalis, Robby Rob, Daffee,Kool-A, Benny Arce, Rotations Record Pool Phx, MC Smooth, Dephchild, Twax, Aries, Dirty Larry, Mpress, Unique, Eric Rocha, Fat-Boy Ent, XPOZ, Legendary Playaz, My homies from the granada block and the LCP block, All the pretty ladies in the clubs Ritmo Latino, Az Entertainment, Jambatimes, Playaz INC, Big happy, 2Swift, Frankie P, Cristian, Sho Rock,and everyone i forgot!!!!!!

Dj VilliN
Wu-Latino Needlebreakerz Dj Squad
Rotations Record Pool Phoenix

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